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Canon IRC3580i


Perfect colour mutifunctionality
For many businesses the priorities are straightforward when it comes to print: keep costs low, make the device easy to use, and enable high levels of control and security. The iRC3580 delivers on all counts. It’s a compact, multifunctional printer that’s ideal for busy office environments, helping you to efficiently print, copy, fax, and scan in top-quality colour with professional finishing options. And there’s the option to add send functionality should your business require it at a later date.

Cost-effective printing
Managing your budgets is easier with the iRC3380. A wide range of tools allow you to control access to the device. Auto Colour Sensing (ACS) means that the device automatically detects which pages contain colour, and then prints them accordingly. So when colour isn’t required, you pay only for black and white prints.

Department ID and optional iWAM software detail who prints what, where and when. Using individual or department quotas it’s easy to control how and where colour is used.

Produce superb documents in black and white or colour
Canon’s new QF toner gives a uniform distribution of toner and a perfect matt finish. With powerful finishing options you can fold documents, hole punch and even create your own colour booklets! And with deadlines looming you will be grateful of print speeds of 35 pages per minute in black and white, or 30 pages per minute in colour, plus a huge paper supply of up to 4,950 sheets from 6 different sources. Documents can also be scanned at 44 images per minute and, via an optional facility, distributed to a variety of locations in one easy operation.

Total security for peace of mind
Sophisticated security options mean that access can be handled via department, individual and simple device log on, keeping documents secure until you need them. Access can also be restricted using IP/MAC addresses. Data encryption, and automatic overwrites of previously stored data can be also used. Furthermore, document can be sent to password-protected mailboxes or encrypted, and “invisible” watermarks can be used that appear when a document is copied.

Easy maintenance for minimal downtime
IW Management Console (iWMC) is a web-based facility that enables centralised management of network devices and provides real-time feedback, such as low toner alerts, to ensure uptime is maximised.