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Canon SF300P

ScanFront 300P obtains exceptional scanning speeds, even with full-color documents, using parallel data transfer with a 1-line CMOS sensor and a new advanced CPU for faster processing.

Compact and Robust

The ultra-compact body size of ScanFront 300/300P allows for easy placement in limited spaces, while its robust design is sturdy and strong. Rigid trays for both feeding and output fold inward to protect the screen when not in use.

Four USB Ports

Four convenient USB ports provide suitable places to affix keyboards, a mouse, or USB memory. One port placed at the front right of the body ideally simplifies Scan To USB Memory execution.

Easy Operation

Excellent visibility with the wide 8.4inch SVGA (800x600) high-definition touch screen allows you to have a better view of control keys and postscan documents.

Enhanced Scanning Functions

In addition to the already impressive line-up of image processing functions available with earlier models, ScanFront 300/300P adds such convenient functions as Auto Color Detection, Folio mode, and Long Document Scanning mode.

Network Sending Functions

Scan to mail, FTP, Fax, Printer, USB Memory and Folder

Scanfront Administration Tools

One window on your PC now provides the integrated device management capability for an administrator to maintain multiple scanners.

Fingerprint Authentication

Not even an activation button has to be pressed. If you have a User account on the device, simply sweep your finger over the sensor to gain access. Up to 100 users can be registered to a device.

Index File Creation

ScanFront 300/300P can create and send a customized index file at the same time as image file creation and distribution when sending with the Scan To Folder or Scan To FTP functions. This index can simplify file sorting and retrieval